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Scar Removal Specialist

Maria Flora G. Trimor-Tamoria, MD

Medical Aesthetics & Primary Care Physician located in National City, CA

Just because your skin naturally forms a scar after an injury, doesn’t mean you have to look at it forever. Dr. Maria Trimor-Tamoria in National City, California, can help you get rid of those old scars using the non-invasive Icon™ Aesthetic System for scar removal. After a few sessions, you won’t even remember having that scar in the first place.

Scar Removal Q & A

How do laser treatments get rid of scars?

The state-of-the-art Icon Aesthetic Laser system sends short bursts of laser impulses deep into your skin. Your body’s healing system steps in, getting rid of damaged tissue. Over time, your skin starts producing new, fresh, healthy skin cells, and ultimately rebuilding your skin’s structure. The laser even stimulates collagen and elastin production, further improving the tightness and texture of your skin. In the end, you’ll have a new even-toned layer of skin where that old scar had been.

Which types of scars can be treated?

Just about any scar you have — in any area — can be treated with the Icon Aesthetic System. The system is FDA-cleared to treat surgical scars, as well as acne scars, on any part of your body. It’s also beneficial for acne scars or scars from old injuries.

Is laser scar removal painful?

Some men and women experience a slight discomfort during treatments. But it’s generally well tolerated and described as small rubber bands striking your skin. Some treatment areas are more sensitive than others. If you’re uncomfortable or in pain during your session, Dr. Trimor-Tamoria can provide a topical treatment that numbs your skin.

Will I need more than one treatment?

Yes. Usually patients have optimal results after 3-7 sessions. But Dr. Trimor-Tamoria can go over realistic expectations with you during your consultation. Each session typically lasts less than 30 minutes, so you can get a treatment on your lunch break or on your way home.

Do I need to worry about burns or side effects from the laser?

No. While the laser does deliver short bursts of heat to your skin, this doesn’t affect the surface layer of your skin, so you don’t have to worry about burns. After your treatment, you might have some tenderness in the area that was treated.

Some patients experience minimal redness and swelling as well. If this happens, you can apply ice to minimize any discomfort.

If your scar was in an area that might be prone to rubbing, like between your thighs or under your arms, the treated area might become irritated when it’s rubbed. But this irritation is usually gone by the next day.

*Individual results may vary.

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